If only I could breathe by your side...

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... i miss hearing you breathe ♥ lav bunny
13 August 1982
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☆ tam / tumi / tamara
☆ hardcore dbsg (동방신기 ) fan since january 13, 2004
lust admires park yoochun ♥ we're on a break until final notice haha!
☆ currently in duckbutt junsu mode
☆ YooSu lover * waves flag *

☆ this lj contains mostly of 동방신기 / tvxq, johnny's ( nakayama yuma, kanjani∞, kisumai and other JE artists ), pretty boys ( miura haruma, seto koji, etc ), plus random stuff every now and then ☆

Friendly reminder:
→ if you hate my alien boy fishboy, nakayama yuma, or doesnt have anything good to say about him, please dont add me... its pointless for us to be friends since i adore the kid so much...
☆ loves blue and purple ; puppies ; camwhoring ; cute things
☆ yaoi supporter
☆ coffee addict
☆ frustrated writer
OLD kpop, jpop lover
☆ stalker
☆ fanfic reader
☆ japanese drama follower
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